Tuesday, August 3rd at the Courthouse Pub and a question

Carol treated Rollie and me at the Manitowoc Courthouse Pub to a great dinner. The menu was so rich that I asked waitress Carissa to help me choose. Her choice of a Ribeye Steak was excellent, we finished in the bar where I was once more treated to their special Surf N Turf Bloody Mary.
Wednesday Carol and Rollie will drive me to Greenbay where I will start my trip back. 
Question: I left the comment option out on this blog, because it said most the time ‘0 Comments’ .
But as I understand that quite a few people all over the world follow this blog, I open the Comment-option again, so in case you as a reader would like to comment, or to ask question about what I wrote so far, you are able to do so. I’d be only to happy to respond. 

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