Saturday, July 31st Oshkosh again

Today I drove from Whitelaw to Oshkosh partly in a light rain. Luckily the sky cleared when I arrived. There was an enormous number of people. On the picture you see me together with Kay Norsbye, who takes care of all the presentations at Kidventure, and Mark Forss, who invited me to do my show at Oshkosh. Impressive it was at the main entrance of Airventure: lots and lots of military aircraft. And everybody had a chance to get in or get very near them and talk to their pilots. And there was as much room for the big ones as for the small self built planes. And unlike Holland, no policeman to be seen: everything under control by relaxed EAA-security people. Even in the crowd one of them spotted a Chinese man smoking: ‘Sir! No smoking! Out the cigarette!’ And when the man did not undestood: ‘I said OUT, OO, UU, TEE!’ Then the man wanted to put the burning cigarette in a dustbin. No, not there!’ Then the message was understood. The man finished his butt in the ground, and disappeared quickly into the crowd.
Yes safety is very important at EAA-airventure, but not by showing uniforms.
When I had seen enough I went to my pickuptruck, on my convenient parkingspot near Pioneerfield, and drove back to New Holstein. There the field was deserted: all cubs had gone. My stay in the USA also will end within a few days, but Sunday I will do my show for the 6th and last time in Oshkosh. I enjoy every minute of it!

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