Pictures and music by John Graham of our flight from Alaska to Ohio, 2010

From Alaska to Ohio from john graham on Vimeo.
Trip home

The afternoon before we started for home, Greg, Reint, and I did a little site seeing with Dr. Matt and his family in the C-180, and our friend Don in the PA14. The three of us were headed to Ohio, and Rient was going on to his home in the Netherlands

The next morning we left early and stopped for breakfast at a road side joint in Eureka.  Later for a lunch stop, we chose a place recommended by our buddy, Eric. That is a café in Chicken, Alaska, which was a little out of the way north, but with Northway shutting down, we were looking for new places. We highly recommend this stop.

At Chicken you taxi off the gravel strip, up a hill on the dirt highway about a mile. The café is on the left. Then you taxi in amongst the cars, motor homes, and motor cycles. You will be a hero. The owner says her business really picks up when airplanes are in her parking lot.

We did a whole bunch of very remote flying down to Watson Lake from the north,

A strange highlight for me was when everyone wanted a bathroom break; I saw enough room to land inside this electrified farm machinery junk yard in North Dakota. They had some of everything there.

The next rest stop was in a round bale hay field somewhere.

When we got home, I put Reint to work mowing grass.

The theme song “One Headlight” by the Wall Flowers is for the one head-light yellow VW bug in the junk yard.

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