This blog I wrote during my recent trip to the USA. The trip came true through the support and hospitality of the flying friends I met on the www.supercub.org website. I realize that a first time visitor to this blog might be overwhelmed by the pictures, stories that are on it. I also got the hint to write a book about this adventure, or make at least a dvd of all the material that I assembled. At the moment, two weeks after coming home in the Netherlands, I am still digesting all the fresh experiences. But to give you a clue of my trip, I give this overview:
June 14th: I flew from Brussels via Wasington DC to Billings Montana by United Airlines. I met there my host Dave Kirsten (Lodi CA). With him I flew in his SuperCub to Idaho, Johnson Creek. There I spent a wonderful week with more than a hundred SuperCub friends. 
June 20th-22nd: I flew with Rick Papp and Dean Nordsving in their PiperCub from Idaho to Minneapolis. There Grant Wallace picked me up in his Champ and brought me to his work (Lake & Air) and home.
June 23rd: Frontier Airlines brings me from Minneapolis to Anchorage.
June 24th: Mark Englerth picks me up at Lake Hood with his floatplane SuperCub and for more than a week I am his guest at his cabin near Wasilla.
June 26th: Joe Beck gives me a wonderful ride in his PiperCub to Knik Glacier!
June 28th July 3rd: In a rental car I drive to Fairbanks. There I stay with Vicky and Dan Domke of Tamarack Air Services. Fly to their house, their cabin and their shop.
July 1st: Off Airport training with instructor Cleg Clayton south of Fairbanks.
July 7th: John Graham picks me up with his Citabria Scout in Wasilla. We fly to GlacierCub in Knik valley. I meet Greg Swingle and his Rans. Together we have a Thursday of more off airport landings before we return to the Lower 48 States.
July 9th – July 13th: The fantastic trip back from Knik Glacier via Palmer, Chicken, Watson Lake through Canada to Dresden Ohio. 
July 15th: A day of Pipeline Control with John Graham, 5.5 hours in a Scout.
July 16th: Rick Papp picks me up in his SuperCub. We fly first to his cabin in West Virginia. A day later we fly to New York State.
July 17th: Rick and I attend the Goose Bay Breakfast fly In at Jeff Carlsons place in Ashton NY.
July 18th: we fly to Warren Ohio and I stay at Rick and Margie Papps house.
July 19th: Rick brings me to Pittsburg International. I board the Delta flight to Greenbay Wisconsin. There I am met by Carol Dodge and Rollie Olm. I will be their guest until I leave for the Netherlands.
July 21st: I drive to EAA Oshkosh to meet Mark Forss, who organizes my Dream to Fly presentations at the Kidventure the coming week.
July 23rd: Rollie and I fly to New Holstein to meet Steve Johnson who is organizing the Yearly www.supercub.org fly in.
July 26th; My first daily presentation at Kidventure, Oshkosh.
July 28th: Big Pig Roast in New Holstein SuperCub Fly In. I meet many old and new friends.
July 29th: Washington Island Fly Out, I fly with Randy Corfman (Windonhisnose) and have a day never to be forgotten.
July 30th: Before my presentation at Kidventure I meet Jessica Cox, who achieved to get her pilots license, with the restriction of being born with no arms or hands. 
Up to the 1st of August I have the honor of telling my ‘A Dream Comes True, a Flying Dutchman and his Cub’ story and meeting those great volunteers at Kidventure and being at Oshkosh and seeing, experiencing that magnificent event of flying in America!
August 4th: I say farewell and take care to my hosts Carol and Rollie at Greenbay. In  Chicago’s O’Hare I take off again, back to Brussels, back to the Netherlands.

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