Monday, August 2nd Back from the EAA

I am back in the Manitowoc Culture Cafe, with a good Cappucino and great Chili-wrap. Some young guys are trying chords on the cafe’s guitar, I upload a film to YouTube, which might take awhile because it contains many pictures and music. Yesterday was my last presentation in Oshkosh. EAA’s Mark sort of promised me to video it, for publicity reasons. I noticed him setting up a camera when I came in. But when I began the show, he had disappeared. But this last time I had a very enthusiastic audience, among them Ed Leineweber, of Midwest Flyer, whom I met earlier at Lone Rock Airport, WI. Also one of my anonymous blog fans, who admitted to be a daily lurker of Another lady asked me if I had written a book on this story, Ed inquired if I had it on DVD, to show it to Henk Newenhouse in his hometown. So maybe I will. Anyhow, I packed my props at Kidventure, said goodbye to all the nice volunteers got to know there and did a last round over Airventure. Many planes had left already, but the show was going on, as always. Then I drove back to Whitelaw. Carol and Rollie prepared a fantastic meal, that couldn’t be beat, foor their neighbours Bonnie and Jack and me. We watched pictures made two years ago when I was visiting with Cecilia, and watched an apisode of the Australian E.R. soap ‘Let The Blood Run Free‘.  As both Carol and Bonnie work in the Manitowoc Emergency Ward, they had a good laugh about situations they are familar with.

Today I sent off a parcel with my camping gear to Holland. I will be leaving on this very Wednesday, from Greenbay WI, thru Chicago to Brussels, Belgium. There Cecilia and my daughter Annelies hope to welcome me back home.

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