Friday, July 30th Meeting Jessica Cox

When I arrived at ‘my’ stage at Kidventure there was a big crowd. Before I could get jealous, I saw the person there: Jessica Cox, the woman who was born without arms and had managed to learn to fly. Her motto? ‘Yes I Can!’. If you really want something, you can do it is her credo. After she had answered so many questions from the kids ( How do you was your hair? How do you get on a high chair?) , and Jessica demonstrating with a girl how she tied shoelaces with her toes, I finally got the little simulator Cub on stage and could I tell her how touched I was when I read her story in an Aopa Magazine. I told her thet in my country, people with fysical restrictions have little chance to be a pilot, and congratulated her on living in an Aviators Heaven, the USA.

I am quite tired now, since I also did a show at the New Holstein SuperCub Fly In. It felt like doing it for my own family. There was one break during mt storytelling: three Huey Choppers who had been visiting, took off …

To let you know more about Jessica I paste this link in. More on YouTube!

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