Friday August 6th Back in Oosterland

Carol and Rollie drove me in their Buick up to the Greenbay WI International Airport. I had to wait an extra two hours before my flight to Chicago left, because the weather over there had delayed traffic. We said : Farewell and see you again! And I went off. In Chicago I boarded United 972. In the line I met this guy with Aviator on his hat. He saw my hat and we had a good flyers talk in the plane. Appaered he was Bjarne Sorensen from Illinois, and had been the parajumper USA-flag bearer at the Oshkosh show everyday. I showed him the pictures I made of him. What a coincidence to meet this man after been for a week at Oshkosh myself whole week. He was going to Denmark, where he was born, on vacation. He was going to fly there as well, and I could tell him some details of flying in Europe.
Then we tried to have some rest during this short night: At Chicago time 2.10 am we landed in Brussels. But there it was already 09.10 in the morning. Cecilia and daughter Annelies were waiting for me and we had a train to Roosendaal in Holland. In Annelies’s car we drove to my home in Oosterland. Had a good meal and slept like a log. Today Cecilia and I did some shopping in nearby Zierikzee and had coffee at my favorite place De Melkmarkt. Saturday, tomorrow I will go to Rotterdam, to see more family and Simon, my granddaughters boyfriend, who leaves Monday on a solo wilderness trip in Canada.

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