Day three: St. Martins home


Day three, visit to the St. Martins Home, the place where the senior St. Maartener enjoys his or her older days. They were eager to tell us that that they loved the place. Reint played ‘Flying Dutchman and his Cub, a Dream comes true’. The audience gave as feedback that they recognized a lot of what happened in the story. Like hurricane Hugo, 1989 and mr. Pipe, mr. José Dormoy, former Winair Pilot and neighbour of the Laan family in Simpsonbay, in 1968.

And we were very happy to meet mr. Oral Gibbes, former Oranjechool student of teacher Laan, who took the initiative for this unique trip, in the hope to connect a reunion to this occasion for othe former students of the Oranjeschool. This reunion is now scheduled for Sunday June 20th at Juliana Airport, 14 hrs. when Reint will play ‘Flying Dutchman and his Cub, a dream comes true’ for whoever might be be present.

Tomorrow, woensdag June 18th Reint will play the same story in Dutch in the Philipsburg Jubilee Library.

Quote of the day

“This is the way a story should be told”




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