Day five: Childs ward hospital and Live on TV!


Busy day on the fifth day on St. Maarten. In the morning we went to the airport to view the space where Reint will play on Sunday. In the afternoon a performance in the childeren’s ward of the St. Maarten Medical Center. About eight children where there, most of them had to stay in their room. Reint and Cécilia decided that, in stead of giving a show, they would use their experience as clini-clowns (hospital clowns) to entertain the children. This way they could make contact with all the children and parens present, and in passing by, also with the nurses, doctors and cleaners.

In the evening, we were invited to appear in the Oral Gibbes Live show. Oral is a former student of Reint, and he made the whole visit possible. During the live show former students of Reint phoned-in, of the Oranjeschool, when Reint was a teacher at St. Maarten. Memories were shared and all students noted what a special teacher Reint had been for them. 

Quote of the day

“Meneer Laan, you always amaze me. You have such a fenomenal memory!”